Posts from 2015

Posts from 2015

Willing to Be Surprised

At Christmas, as at other times in life, it’s easy to become so focused on the one thing that we want that we miss the joy and beauty of other gifts that surround us. Are you willing to be open to appreciating what is happening in the moment?

Post Office Lines

Every day we have many opportunities to honor God, wherever we find ourselves. Even my waiting in the post office this morning became a holy moment when I shifted my thoughts away from myself and began focusing on others and on God.

Unfolding Light

I share a poem from colleague Steve Garnaas-Holmes – “Unfolding Light”. My prayer is: May we make our heart open that Christ may enter in, renew us, and make us into all God created us to be.

Shout for Joy!

As a child in Sunday school, I was encouraged to memorize scripture. We were assigned the Psalm 23 and Psalm 100 in the third grade. To me, Psalm 100 captures the joy of understanding and being thankful for our relationship with God.

All Saints’ Day

United Methodists define saints as “all Christian people of every time and place”. On All Saints’ Day we remember the glory of God in the saints who have gone before us. Who are the saints in your life?
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